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HÄN Edition 1, 2022

HÄN Edition 1, 2022

HÄN: Edition 1

The first edition of HÄN is a compilation of stories, images, poems and art, uncovering gender anarchy, sex, love, transness, beauty, leather, queer spaces, memory and the transformation of community. It’s about the search for one’s identity, and the right to determine your own life and body. It is about queerness as shapeshifting, as something hopeful, nourishing, open and radical. HÄN is an archive which connects the queer past with queer futures — and this book serves as a bridge.

This book is an exploration of queerness. It is an exploration of what it means to exist in a queer body and mind in today’s world. It is about queerness in a world going through a global pandemic, in a community which still carries the grief of the previous century’s AIDS epidemic. It is about queerness in a world which is burning — and in a world which is being reborn. It is about queerness as shapeshifting, as something hopeful, nourishing, open and radical. The queer community depicted here belongs in London, but the ideas we share and discuss transcend borders. It is a book of more questions than answers.

The first edition of HÄN is dedicated to the exploration of gender. We have picked this topic partly to honour the history of pioneers like Leslie Feinberg, Jack Halberstam and Patrick Califia, who have navigated the notions of masculinity and transness in relation to the dyke and broader queer community. But we are also living in an era when the understanding of gender is shifting rapidly. Today, we have language for gender which our queer ancestors never had – something that opens so many new paths and possibilities. At the same time, it opens a host of new difficult, confusing, heated, and cathartic conversations.

14 interviews, 9 artists. Photography, poetry, illustration, mixed media art, essays.

Edition No. 1, 2022

Creative Director / Curator
Ella Boucht

Editor / Co-curator
Anastasiia Fedorova

Photographer & Creative Consultant/Co-curator
Anya Gorkova

Art Direction / Design
Ester Mejibovski

Copy Editor
Katie Marie Davies

Custom Logotype
Marta Úrbez

Cover Design
Ester Mejibovski

Back Cover Image
Anya Gorkova



Ebun Sodipo
Prinx Silver
Lottie Hughes
Tegan Ashmore
Bel Jude
Ellie Hoskyns—Abrahall
Iarlaith Ni Fheorais
Lydia Birgani-Nia
Magda Onatra
Black Venus
Romeo Roxman Gatt
Hayley Wall
Jessi Lee Clayton
Nina Britta Eriksson
Janina Sabaliauskaité
Dovilė Lapinskaitė
Saati J Conran-McCormack
Edith Hammar
Gray Wielebinski
Anya Gorkova

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